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Arizona teachers’ careers are at the mercy of political consensus

Arizona public schools are at risk of losing more than $1.3 billion in approved funding, which would inevitably lead to employee layoffs.

Details are still under wraps as an agreement is reached in Seattle teachers strike

Administrators and union announce a tentative agreement in Seattle teachers strike but when school will start remains unclear.

What are the 4 things driving a decline in satisfaction with schools?

There is a drastic satisfaction gap between the opinions of education held by parents of K-12 students and their fellow Americans.

Chronic absenteeism may be a crisis. Fun is one of many solutions

Chronic absenteeism is not the fault of students who miss too much school. In fact, one expert says, kids can play a key in solving the problem. Here's how.

School cellphone rules: Why they’re such a difficult call for districts

Is it possible to let students carry their cellphones and also prevent distractions and disruptions? Not everyone agrees.

Why K-12 leaders may not be concerned enough about enrollment declines

Administrators may have a false sense of security that recent enrollment declines are temporary and that they only have to restore confidence in public education to solve the problem.

4 ideas you’d be wise to try when recruiting and retaining teachers

The pandemic has shown teachers that their skillsets are in high demand in the private sector, which often offers more money and more flexible work schedules.

How 6 school districts are using fresh funding to help homeless students

Homeless students are seeing unprecedented levels of funding support as districts work to stem one of the most troubling enrollment drops of the last few years.

A major economic shock is coming. Which year will it hit hardest?

Schools won't fall over the fiscal cliff this year but forecasters believe major economic shocks lie ahead, even if the county doesn't slide into recession.

Just how large is the teacher pay penalty now? A look at all 50 states

Adjusted for inflation, teachers' weekly wages have risen by just $29 in the last 25 years compared to a $455 increase for other college graduates.

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